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Kiln Furniture

anitaryware tunnel kiln car showing extruded batts and car construction from cordierite/mullite material.

Sanitaryware industry- tunnel kiln cars using hollow perimeter blocks & extruded batts augmented by silicon carbide beams aimed at reducing unnecessary ancillary thermal loading.

newly built sanitaryware tunnel kiln cars
silicon carbide batts used in the sintered abrasives industry.

Silicon carbide kiln shelves – oxide bonded, nitride bonded
(NSiC), reaction bonded (Re-SiC), silicon impregnated (SiSiC).

plate cranks used in the table-ware industry

Tableware industry- Total Foot Support (TFS) system will allow for an efficient, higher density loading of ware in the kiln while minimising the thermal load produced by the kiln furniture.

pin and crank system used in the table-ware industry

Tableware industry- Pin & Crank system.

silicon carbide support beams used in kiln car construction for tunnel kilns
underside of the deck of a tunnel kiln car showing the typical placement of silicon carbide beams

Silicon Carbide beams -recrystallised (ReSiC) and reaction bonded silicon impregnated (SiSiC).

Square or rectangular sections & lengths as required are available.

A wide range of sizes are available from the far-eastern principals but only a limited range of sizes of flat pressed batts are stocked in South Africa for economic and pragmatic reasons. Please enquire directly as to availability. Common sizes used by potters and stocked locally are;

254 x 254 x 12mm
330 x 460 x 10mm
406 x 506 x 15mm
330 x 460 x 15mm